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Columbus Turnkey Houses strives to provide investors hassle-free investment properties. We purchase properties at bargain prices from motivated sellers and banks. Then we have these properties renovated, placed with a licensed property manager, and then resell them to investors like yourself who want to enjoy a positive return on your investment. Streamline your long-term or short-term real estate activities with us, your one-stop property investment solution.

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Columbus Turnkey Houses strives to deliver superior service and competitive pricing in Columbus, Ohio to investors. Our team understands every aspect of the Turnkey process from acquisition to re-sell. We are equipped with the knowledge and infastructure to provide a seamless investment experience and a quality product. Whether it’s investing, lending, buying, selling, property management or federally subsidized rental properties (Section 8), we are committed to excellence and take pride in exceeding expectations. We are experienced in investing with self directed IRAs and 1031 exchanges as well. Contact us today and get started!


**Renovations Complete**

Price: $115,000

Rented for $1100 per month

Annual Gross Rents  $13,200

Net Cash Flow $304

Cash on Cash return: 14%

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To inquire about this property, or to get details on our other property listings, please call us at 614-285-3600 or email us at sales@columbusturnkeyhouses.com

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