5 Things to Know About Turnkey Rental Property

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Do you want to invest in real estate while maintaining a 9-5 job? Have you been thinking about getting into Real Estate because the risk is calculated, but you are a first timer? You have some idea but no experience and skill, most especially no time to find motivated sellers, to rehab properties and to manage tenants. What are your options? The answer is… Turnkey Properties…

 “Turnkey Investment is a passive investment”

Investing with a turnkey provider is a passive investment and one of the best ways to get started quickly. The provider does all the complicated work like performing due diligence to buy the property, managing the rehab, finding qualified tenants to rent out the property and lastly managing it. This process allows investors to be passive and collect rent checks without having to work and worry.

Here are the five things you need to know about turnkey rental property.


1.Full investment system

From acquisition, rehab, tenant screening and placement to property management, all of these can be handled by a turnkey provider. If you want to spend your free time with your family, working with a turnkey provider would be one of the best routes to take.


2.In-depth knowledge of the market

Turnkey companies know the dynamics of the market more than anyone as they tend to buy 15 to 30 properties a month. They know how to find properties under market value and which location will have the highest chances of landing tenants at reasonable rental rates. Working with a turnkey provider is a great way to keep your costs low.


3.Aims the success of your investment portfolio

Turnkey companies want to help you build a strong rental portfolio. Like most business owners, turnkey companies want to make your future business strong by selling you a great property for a great price. They provide you a hassle free investment in accordance with the details in the proforma.


4.Immediate Cash Flow

If you are looking for a passive investment, work with the turnkey provider. As an investor, you want to invest in the most ideal and sustainable rental markets. Turnkey providers have the skills and experience to know which markets to target. With turnkey providers, the process is streamlined. Someone does the work for you. All you need to do is to sit back and collect rent checks.


5.Enjoy your retirement

For some investors, they want to handle everything themselves. This can be an issue because it takes time and also market experience to be successful investing outside of your state. But for the busy investors who want to have a hassle free and long-term sustainable income, investment turnkey properties are a great vehicle for retirement.


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RJ Pepino is Co-owner of Columbus Turnkey Houses alongside David Payerchin licensed Realtor with ERA Real Solutions Realty. Together they have bought and sold over 300 homes since 2005.
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