5 Things Tenant is Looking a Prospective Rental Property

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Tenants have different needs in choosing a rental property. They look for properties that fit them perfectly when it comes to features, characteristics, and amenities. Whatever their requirements are, the landlord must find ways to adapt so that they can attract tenants. He must know what amenities and features prospective tenants look for.

Here are the 5 components that tenants are looking for rental properties.

  1. Good location

Location is the most important aspect of buying or renting a property. Tenants would want a place that is near to their workplace and with easy access to the transport system. Some may even want to be close to shopping district, restaurants, trendy shops and other similar places.

Others want to have an ocean or Mountain View. Some may even prefer to be in the city and some prefer to be outside of the city. Wherever it is, as long as the location is good, you can offer something perfect to those prospective tenants.

  1. Safety

No matter how great the amenities are or how appealing the house may be, safety will always be a concern. Nobody would want to rent your place if the safety of the tenants is at risk.

Tenants want to feel safe in their own homes so a property in a safe neighborhood is what they desire. It would also be great if landlords would invest in safety features like alarms, fences and security doors to provide tenants with some peace of mind.

  1. A Good School District

Quite a few tenants want their children to study in a good school. As a real estate investor, you need to know which school is attractive to your local market.

  1. Closet Space

Who wants a lot of closet space? I know I do and so do most tenants. Even small rental homes with big closet space can give renters a feeling that their house is bigger than it actually is.

You need to ensure that your property has enough closet space for your renters.

  1. Amenities

To give your renters additional convenience, offer some amenities like washer and dryer or even a dishwasher. These are some things that you can take advantage of in a competitive area.


As a landlord, you need to understand what properties are desirable and which ones leave possible tenants desiring more. If the property is really in a good location, safe and with good amenities, most tenants would be willing to compromise a bit by paying more for less.


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