IRA Real Estate Investing

Why invest your IRA in Real Estate?

There are so many reasons why investing your IRA in a real estate deal will be the real turning point in your life and pave your path to wealth, freedom and security.  For the sake of brevity, let me just give you the top 4 reasons the most successful real estate investors give me for doing so.

1. You can diversify away from the gut wrenching swings in the stock market and pathetically low yielding CD’s at the bank.
2. Your IRA can own a real asset that serves as security for your retirement.
3. Instantly and effortlessly boost your returns on real estate by eliminating or deferring taxes on your profits and income. (More on that later)
4. “It’s a fun way to do real estate,” says Dave Ramsey, and after all, who doesn’t need a little more fun in their life?

Here are a few articles to get you familiar with investing your IRA in rental real estate:

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